Do You Have a Dream that Seems 'Impossible'?

"This is the book that my soul has been asking me to write (for awhile) before I leave the planet. Not that I’m planning for that to happen, but if you read this book you’ll see I’ve had many “near-exits” and none of us know how long we’re here." - Barbara Edie

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About The Book

Can you achieve the impossible and have your biggest vision become a reality?

In a world where many people are struggling just to get through the day, often with a paralyzing belief that they’re simply too small or powerless to bring what they truly desire into their lives, Creating the “Impossible” offers the perfect antidote to any sense of hopelessness as well as the path to following your own soul’s calling and what it takes to move your vision from an inspired idea to a physical reality.

In this inspiring book, best-selling author Barbara Edie offers a series of principles that together, once applied, provides a system to guide you in the direction of manifesting something you’d love... something that your heart wants but your mind has no idea of the way to get it. Think of it, as Barbara says, as “GPS for your soul’s success.”

Creating the Impossible helps you leave fear and uncertainty behind as you gain practical wisdom and follow a series of steps to move easily in the direction of your vision. In each of the chapters you’ll find:

  • Real-life examples and stories of leaders who have applied the principles in this book to bring their amazing visions to life, all over the world
  • Personal stories and transformational experiences from Barbara’s own life and the inspired action she took to manifest her own seemingly ‘impossible’ visions – over and over again
  • Lessons and questions of contemplation to reflect on and capture further guidance on your next best steps to move you toward your vision

The principles discussed in this book loosely follow the arc of the classic hero’s journey: answering the call to adventure; surmounting the obstacles; finding the wisdom or ‘treasure,’ and bringing it home—that is, manifesting the vision.

As you move through the chapters of Creating the Impossible, you’ll discover that YOU are the hero who brings the vision to life and you have everything you need to succeed.

Meet Barabra Edie


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

That quote sits on Barbara Edie’s desk, and is the essence of her latest book, Creating the Impossible. Barbara is a best-selling author, passionate writer, engaging speaker, and kick-ass creator. She believes we all have the power to create what we truly want in life—whether it’s living in the South of France, a home by the water, climbing a mountain, empowering children in Africa, finding a guy who’ll bring you coffee in bed, or world peace (she’s created all of these except the last one…but knows it could happen)—however it’s going to require a new definition of what’s ‘impossible’ and a better operating system to move our visions off the vision board (finally!) and into the physical world.

In her work, travels, and late night conversations, Barbara has found that many people believe they are powerless to create the results they truly want, the lives they long for or dreams that dance in their heart. They open the door to fear and doubt (and let them in!) and therefore limit themselves to only what they know to be safe, reasonable, logical, and ‘realistic.’ At best this leads to a vision of compromise—at worst it leads to deep discontent and a soul-crushing existence. In both scenarios, true success, the truth of who they are, and what they can create, is eluded.


In “Creating the Impossible,” Barbara offers an antidote to that sense of powerlessness, and a step-by-step guide to becoming a true creative force in your own life. The principles outlined in the book are exemplified by real-life leaders who’ve realized incredible visions around the world, and are the same ones Barbara applied in manifesting her latest dreams of travelling to South Africa for a ‘soul safari’; climbing to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 feet!) to raise money for kids in Kenya; and publishing her third book—all within a few months.

It is her deepest wish (and vision) for each of us to create what matters most to us, have lives we love, and the kind of world we want to live in.

To that end, Barbara’s also written an e-book, Sparking Change Around the Globe: 5 Ways to Make Your Difference in the World, which became an Amazon bestseller. In 2013, Barbara’s writing was featured in Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life, with New York Times best-selling authors Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, and Marci Shimoff.

In 2008, she coauthored the Manitoba Book of Everything, which became a Canadian bestseller.

In addition to her own writing, she helps entrepreneurs, artists, and other authors craft compelling stories to showcase who they are and what sets them apart in their business, service, or field, so they can better connect to those audiences they came here to serve.

Books by Barbara Edie
Books by Barbara Edie

With a Master of Arts in journalism and more than 25 years’ experience in media and communications, Barbara has also written for numerous magazines, newspapers, and organizations, and is the former editor of three Canadian lifestyle magazines, The Cottager, Winnipeg Women, and Winnipeg Men.

A self-described “global soul,” Barbara has traveled to almost 40 countries and five continents, and has lived, studied, and worked in North America, Europe, and Australia. She plans to return to her latest love, Africa, very soon and already has a vision of what she’d like to create there next. Stay tuned!

Currently, Barbara lives in Victoria, Canada, where enjoys the extraordinary nature, beauty, and ocean-side living of Vancouver Island. Always ready to answer her next call to adventure, she keeps her laptop and passport handy.

Barbara in Swaziland
Barbara in Swaziland
Barbara's 'Office' at a London Cafe
Barbara's 'Office' at a London Cafe
Barbara with kids in Africa
Barbara with kids in Africa

Praise for Creating The Impossible

marci-shimoff-round"A book where story after story demonstrates the magnitude of what one person--anyone--with focus, vision, and inspired action can create."

- Marci Shimoff
#1 Bestselling Author of Happy for No Reason and featured teacher in The Secret.

chris_attwood-round"Creating the Impossible is must reading for anyone who has a dream. With step-by-step principles woven within amazing stories of dreams getting fulfilled, this book will allow you to take your journey into the unknown where your dreams become real with the confidence that others have been there before you and you will succeed."

- Chris Attwood
Co-author of the NY Times bestsellers, The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches.

teresa-degrosbois-round"A must-read book about courage and possibility. We all can benefit from knowing what it takes to move our visions and dreams from our imaginations to our reality. With real-life examples from transformational leaders, including Barbara Edie's own inspiring stories, Creating the Impossible shows us how."

- Teresa de Grosbois
#1 International Bestselling author of Mass Influence, international speaker and founder of the Evolutionary Business Council.

ellen-rogin-round"If you've had an inkling that you're meant to do something bigger, perhaps even seemingly impossible, this beautiful book gives you the inspiration and nudge to listen to that inner knowing. Filled with real-life stories of people bringing their vision to life, it leaves your heart filled and your confidence boosted to actually create the impossible."

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP.
Co-Author of the New York Times bestseller Picture Your Prosperity.

daniel-gutierrez-round"Creating the Impossible offers both a series of principles and a path for achieving anything you can envision. This book will inspire you to leave the comfort of sight into a place of vision that will truly change your life. "

Daniel Gutierrez
Best Selling Author,  Global Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

Table of Contents

As you move through the chapters of Creating the Impossible, you’ll discover that YOU are the hero who brings the vision to life and you have everything you need to succeed.

Chapter 1: Truth: Answering the Call

Get clear on what you are being called to do and uncover exactly what you’d love to create next.

Chapter 2: Awakening: Embracing the Mystery

Move from fear to faith as you increase your ability to embrace the unknown and from there create an even greater vision and reality.

Chapter 3: Alchemy: Turning Lead into Gold

Discover how to move forward with your vision by ‘turning lead in to gold,” i.e., turning obstacles into opportunities or wounds into gifts.

Chapter 4: Intuition: Tapping into Insights and Imagination

Learn how to operate from intuition, your highest source of wisdom, in order to align the ideas, resources, and next actions to bring faster results and success.

Chapter 5: Purpose: Building (Unstoppable) Momentum

Discover that your purpose is not something you find; it’s something you create. And so is your ability to become unstoppable.

Chapter 6: Action: Against All Reason

Learn not just to “think outside the box” but to conceive a new box, and work like powerful creators and true geniuses do. Discover the power of taking inspired action, even if it seems unreasonable or just plain crazy.

Chapter 7: Focus: Creating the Reality You Desire

Discover how focus creates your reality by what you place your conscious attention on. As Einstein said, imagination is more powerful than knowledge. The ability to imagine extraordinary possibilities and remain focused on the end result is critical to manifesting the vision.

Chapter 8: Will: Bringing Your Vision to Life

Realize that the journey to creating the impossible will require will, choice, and the commitment to “go for it,” no matter what. Will is what keeps your dream(s) alive. Nothing changes in life without the willingness to commit to whatever it is you truly want…right through to completion.


Read an Excerpt

Here’s an excerpt from the book’s conclusion.

“It’s not what the vision is, it’s what the vision does.”

—Peter M. Senge


I wrote this book to follow my own heart and share a few stories—both mine and other people’s—as reflections on the treasure of the hero’s journey—a journey that can be daunting, exhausting, and, at times, seemingly futile. Yet we soldier on to bring our vision into the world and occasionally achieve the so-called “impossible.”

I believe when we live from a place of truth and authentic power—from the higher consciousness that some call the place of genius—we can focus on creating what we want in the world rather than reacting to what we don’t want.

In the end, I agree with Robert Fritz: “When people make a fundamental choice to be true to what is highest in them, or when they make a choice to fulfill a purpose in their life, they can easily accomplish many changes that seemed impossible or improbable in the past . . . When people are united with their real power—the power to create what they want to create—they always choose what is highest in humanity . . . challenges worthy of the human spirit.”

Therefore, creating what we love—the true expression of our soul’s nature, deep play, or deep truth—is what will change the world.

I’ll leave you with the words of a man whom I never met, but whose formidable spirit and ultimate example of “creating the impossible” inspires and moves me in direction of my dreams every day.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

More Reviews for Creating The Impossible

pam-thompson-round"Creating the Impossible kept me so engaged and inspired I read the book in one sitting! Barbara insightfully shares stories from her own remarkable life, as well as those of visionary change-makers from around the globe. Compelling, inspiring, with powerful lessons and questions for contemplation woven throughout, Barbara shows us when we listen to and trust our inner wisdom, dream big, and follow our hearts, anything is possible!"

Pamela Thompson
#1 Best-selling author of Learning to Dance with Life and Founder of the Creative Living Community.

mischelle-vanthiel-round"A life-altering, soul-shaking book…a powerful guide to manifesting what YOUR heart truly wants. It’s changed the way I live—and create—my life."

Mischelle Van Thiel
CEO of Victoria Hospice, entrepreneur, and business & lifestyle coach.

ken-streater-round"Far more than a guide for you to follow, Creating the Impossible puts you at the wheel to see where you want to go, in order to lead the life you dream of. Barbara Edie takes you on a journey that unfolds before you like a beautiful country road."

Ken Streater
Author, adventurer, motivational speaker

annie-pool-round"As someone who has healed from 'incurable' cancer, I know that you can create the impossible. Barbara Edie’s beautifully authentic voice and powerful stories guide you on the steps to make those ‘impossible’ dreams happen. A gem of a book."

Annie Pool
International best-selling author of the upcoming book Passport to Life: How I Overcame Incurable Cancer Through the Power of Travel.

jo-dibblee-round"If you are the bearer of a dream, it is likely yours to deliver to the world" and Barbara Edie has done just that. The book demonstrates that it is not about having all the answers or at times even knowing the how, it's about listening to your inner calling. An enduring and meaningful, purposeful piece that will stir you!"

Jo Dibblee
Frock Off Inc. Breakthrough expert, author, and event producer.